In Scotland there’s legend that Scottish loch contain a large monster. It is called the Loch Ness monster. It looks like a huge sea snake with a small head and a thin neck. It was first discovered by Roman soldiers. Many people saw it at night and found it’s traces on the lake side after that. But no one can catch him or even make its clear photo.

In my perfect activity holiday I will flyto the Maldives.

Hi Kristina,

I am now in Mexico and going to visit the underwater park called Cancun.

I will take flippers and snorkel and will see amazing sculptures of men, women, children and pets. The sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, casts them from local people. Then I will see coral reefs, fishes and see creatures.

That’s all that I wanted to tell You. Waiting for Your answer!



I’m one of the native Americans. We lived on this land for many centuries.

Unless you stop eating the icecream, you will be sick. Если ты не перестанешь есть мороженное, ты заболеешь.

Do You like to have rest in hot country, such as Cyprus? Then enjoy the rest in ‘Laura beach’ hotel. It’s on the seaside of the country, near the Paphos city. This hotel is far from airport. You have to spend 2 hours by bus to get there.

Mineral (минерал) - any inorganic material

Navigator and Explorer

Tutankhamun was…

A.   an Egyptian pharaoh.

B.   the great hero of the Trojan War.

C.   a french officer.

Hi, Georgia,

Great to hear from you! How’re you? I’m fine. So you want to know about my favorite dish from my country? Well, it’s a traditional dish called Thick pancakes and it’s very popular here in Russia.

“Speedy the flying camel” – is a story about camel who can fly and called Speedy. The main characters are the Speedy and his friends: Tarek, Ahmed and Alex.