The weather on the picture is beautifull. It is hot and sunny.

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social network.

By September 2015, Instagram had 400  millions registered users.

If Google went down for a week, people would search information in some other places, such as another search systems or Wikipedia.

I like John's story because he had a lot of adventures while he was travelling in India and Thailand.

Anya: Good morning. I'm Anya Bondareva.

Miss Valerya: Nice to meet you, Anya. Please have a seat

The Prince of Wales, the son of British Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and sixteen.

The   is located in Saint Petersburg.

It was built by the architect Yu.M.Feltena in the years 1771-1787.

You are spending the summer doing some volunteer work for your city. Write an email to your English friend telling him/her about it (80-100 words).

First roadside attraction is looks like big dinosaur made of steel and fiberglass. It’s walls have been painted with murals.

The musk-deer is the smallest deer species on the Earth. Musk-deers live in the mountain taiga from the East Himalayas and Tibet till the East Siberia .

Dave Cornthwaite became the first man who made new world record by skating a total of 5,823 kilometres across Australia.